How To Get Ahead of Your Competition

Secret #3: Keyword Research to Dominate Your Niche “Get Ahead of Your Competition & Attract Decision Authority who Love To Do Business with You”

Adam Alter in his book explains, mere goal setting is a rat race,

that goal setting is a broken process. When you set big goals, you invariably will feel like a failure because you have still not accomplished that goal. There is some happiness when you go towards the goal,

but when you meet the goal it is a BIG Anticlimax. You feel wasted. That’s the reason many successful sports & movie personalities, breakdown after achieving their goals.

Instead of only having goals, the author prescribes doing one thing that you love every single day that takes you towards the goal. That way you lead a joyful fulfilling life.

If it’s important, do it every day, make it a part of your routine. SEO is like that, you need to consistently spin content on a regular basis.

Matt Cutts says, the objective of SEO is not to make your website links look natural, the Objective is the links are natural.

Google is like a traffic board. Imagine Internet to be one city, Google has taken the responsibility to give direction to people wherever they want to go. In this analogy you website can be a shop in the city. If you tell you are selling Papers in the website and only sell staplers, Google will make sure they find you and Spam you. Why? Because your customers are Google customers and vice versa. Google will never want to show a wrong signage and lose any customer. That’s why Google keeps improving on algorithms to keep trickster out. The best way to be in good book of Google is to provide genuine rich content that solve your client problems.

Go to and search for keyword planner. Click on The link will open to Google Adwords. Sign in with any of your personal email ID. By default you will go to the campaign menu, go Tools in the menu and click keyword planner. Click on Search for new Keywords and enter your industry from where you want to interview. Now click get ideas. In the new page, you will have download button somewhere in the middle. Click on download to download CSV file. Open the CSV file with Excel. You will find all the keywords associated to seed keyword that you typed.

Group Keywords into categories. Convert they keyword into questions and ask in the interview. Vola, now the answer will automatically be SEO Rich content. Why? Because you framed the question from the keyword planner. Finally, create a calendar and publish the content regularly.

The best place to hide a dead body is Page Two of Google Search Results. Nobody or very few will see you on the second page.

Another SEO Tip is, Google ranks you better when you have videos on your website especially when it is uploaded in YouTube. So don’t forget to add a teaser of the interview that you take.

Now, recap on the Secret #3: Keyword Research to Dominate Your Niche “Get Ahead of Your Competition & Attract Decision Authority who Love To Do Business with you”. Step#1, understand SEO as Google being a Traffic Board. Step#2, Download a bunch of ideas from Keyword Planner by typing in your product or service and Step#3, group keywords and plan a schedule to publish interviews.

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And finally you have learned Secret #3: Keyword Research to Dominate Your Niche: “Get Ahead of Your Competition & Attract Decision Authority Who Love to Do Business with You”

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